by The Night Falls



"Colt" is a 10 song debut album, at 41 minutes in length. Tracks are currently not for sale to the public.


released 20 June 2014

Greg Dale: guitar, vocals, synth
Beth Gladding: bass, vocals, synth
Rick Kennan: drums
Jay Crawford: guitar, cello

Album art: Sonja Dandy



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The Night Falls San Francisco, California

The Night Falls is an independent and classic band. Its songs paint the coup de grace punch to the virgin crush to the moon over empty highway with brutally and beautifully honest stories.

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Track Name: Show Baby Tell
Baby tell the morning what you can be.
Baby show the struggle you will be free.
Drive your pick up truck out to the sea
and tell the water, it will listen for free.

Oh fer chrisakes baby why you come to me?
You have more troubles than an orchard has trees.
You hang em high for everyone to see.
If you aint gonna fix it don’t come crying to me.

It's all there before you, just do and don’t always undo.

I heard you like to drive the interstate at night
with you headlamps off, the full moon in your eyes.
It don’t surprise me none you live inside the lyrics
to the songs you’ve sung.
If there's no crash and burn
will there be a lesson here to be learned?
I said baby.

Well it's cold out
it's cold outside again
when I’m standing next to you
and the sun is shinning in.
Track Name: Out of Somewhere
You better go back down that road, he said,
and don't you come back soon.
So he followed where the train tracks lead
and burned a silver spoon.

And it's alright
when I'm driving at night
and out of somewhere he calls.
I'm alright
when the night falls.

You better look around yourself, she said,
the streets ain't paved of gold.
She buried herself in conversation.
Easily sold.

And I'm not lying
when I'm driving at night
and out of somewhere he calls.
I'm alright
when the night falls.